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Find your child's Program & Level in your Snap account - 

  • On the left hand side, click on the 3 horizontal lines so that the menu appears.
  • Click on "My Account" then "Enrollments"
  • The class your child is currently enrolled in will be listed here. Classes fall under the following Programs:
    • Preschool - Yellow Fish, Green Turtles, Red Lobsters, Blue Sharks, Rubies
    • Starz - Red Starz, Blue Starz, Purple Starz, Gold Starz
    • Girls Rec - Starburst, Firecrackers, Rockets, Dynamites, Novas, Super Novas, Comets, Xcel
    • Boys Rec - Copper, Chrome, Steel, Iron, Platinum, Titanium, All levels of Boys League
    • Tumbling - Inro, Intermediate, Accelerated, Advanced, Elite
    • CAPA - Ages 3 & up - select your age group in folder
    • Free Virtual Events - Ages 5 & up - join us for some fun activities based on our Special Events!

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