folderPre-School Boys & Girls Ages 3-5

Ages 3 - 5

At this age children are ready to participate by themselves. Cypress Academy uses the sport of gymnastics as a tool to challenge children to expand their developing capabilities. Each pre-schooler will strive to advance through 4 different levels: Yellow Fish, Green Turtles, Red Lobsters, and Blue Sharks.

We have 10,000 square feet completely dedicated to pre-school with all the Olympic events sized down for an easier learning experience.  The director of the pre-school program coordinates the week-to-week activities, the events, and the skills each class will work.  This curriculum creates a fun and progressive experience for each and every child.

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You will also need to call us if you are looking to transfer to a new level or day/time.

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ListingAvailablefolderListingYellow Fish (3 & fully potty-trained)
1st Level Pre-School
folderListingGreen Turtles (Ages 4-5)
2nd Level Pre-School
folderListingRed Lobsters
3rd Level Pre-School
folderListingBlue Sharks
4th Level Pre School

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