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folder2023 - 2024 Aerial Class Schedule

Metro's tuition is a monthly fee. Based on availability, you can add and drop a class at any time.  You are considered enrolled until you notify the office of withdrawal.

55 min Classes: 

Tuition is $75/month for 1x/week, $130/month for 2x's/week.  

August tuition will be prorated at check out.

Classes enter and exit through the Metro Aerial Front Door.

For the safety of your child, adults bringing a child to class must be in the waiting room to pick up their child when classes are finished. 

What should I wear?

It is essential to come dressed properly for class. Aerialists have the choice of wearing a leotard with shorts and tights underneath, leggings, or fitted sweatpants. Sleeves should cover the armpits. All clothing should be form-fitting.  Jewelry must be removed, with the exception of small stud earrings. Hair should be secured and away from the face.

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ListingAvailablefolderListingOpen Youth LyraAvailablefolderListingHomeschool Open Aerial Silks Classes
Available to Intro & Beginner Levels
folderListingIntro to Aerial Silks - Youth
New student to 6 months of instruction
folderListingBeginning Aerial Silks - Youth
6 months of instruction required
folderListingIntermediate Aerial Silks - Youth
Invitation Class
folderListingAdult Silks Classes
Open & Intermediate
folderListingCompetitive Team ClassAvailable

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