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Aerial silks provide a masterful blend of strength and grace. It is a versatile art form of aerial acrobatics that include climbs, wraps, descents, and drops on fabric. It provides a fun and challenging way to build strength, increase flexibility, and take your performances to new heights. We provide technical training and conditioning for all levels. Beginners will learn the basic wraps and climbs down low and work their way up as they get more comfortable in the air. As students progress, they will explore more challenging and daring feats on the fabric, such as drops and descents. 

1 Hour Classes:  Tuition is $65/month for 1x/week, $110/month for 2x's/week

Due to COVID 19, we are limiting class sizes.  There will only be 6 students in each class. No sharing of aerial silks will be allowed. 

Strict cleaning protocol will be followed before and after classes.  


In order to track illness, we are limiting the amount of makeups for missed classes. Please notify the office of missed class and we will help find a class to come to and makeup.  

Prorating Policy

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to prorate for missed classes.  If you enroll and miss class due to illness or vacation please call the office and we will schedule your makeup lesson.

Refund Policy

If we are forced to close, due to COVID,  no credits or refunds will be issued and you will have up to one year to make up for missed classes.


Tuition is due by the first of the month and no later than the 10th of the month or it is considered late. 

What to wear in class

It is essential to come dressed properly for class. Aerialists have the choice of wearing a leotard with shorts and tights underneath, leggings, or fitted sweatpants. Sleeves should cover the armpits. All clothing should be form-fitting.  Jewelry must be removed, with the exception of small stud earrings. Hair should be secured and away from the face. No jeans or bedazzled clothing, please.

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Open to Intro and Beginner Levels
folderListingIntro to Aerial Silks - Youth
New student to 3 months of instruction
folderListingBeginning Aerial Silks - Youth
4 months of instruction required
folderListingIntermediate Aerial Silks - Youth
Invitation Class
folderListingAdult Aerial Classes
Beginner & Intermediate

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