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Level 4 Prerequisites - Handstand Forward Roll, Round Off, Back Walkover, Front Walkover, Cartwheel Back Walkover, Round Off Back Walkover, Back Walkover Series, Standing Back Handspring, Back Handspring Step Out, Toe Touch pause Back Handspring, Back Walkover Back Handspring, Round Off Back Handspring series, Front Handspring, Fly Spring Step Out RO BHS, FWO RO BHS, various specialty skills and combinations through to Round Off Back handspring(s), Back Handspring Series, Cartwheel Back Handspring, Jump(s) to Immediate Back Handspring(s), Round Off Back Handspring(s) through to Tuck, Round Off Tuck, Side Aerial, Punch Front, various specialty skills and combinations through to Tuck, Back Handspring Step-out Round Off BHS Tuck

Level 4 Curriculum - Standing Tuck, Standing Back Handspring(s) to Tuck/Layout, Cartwheel Tuck, Jump(s) Back Handspring(s) to Tuck/Layout, Round Off Back handspring Layout, various specialty skills and combinations through to Tuck/Layout, Whip Combinations, Punch Front Step-out Combinations, Front Handspring Punch Front

Level 5 Prerequisites - All level 4 prerequisites PLUS the above level 4 curriculum

Level 5 Curriculum - Jump(s) to Tuck, Standing Full, Standing Back Handspring(s) to Full/Double Full, Round Off Back Handspring Full/Double Full, Standing Back handspring Whip Combinations, various specialty skills and combinations through to Full/Double Full, Whip Combo to Full, Punch Front Step-out Combination, Front Handspring Punch Front Combination

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